Roby King Gallery

WILLIAM F. REESE  1938-2010  A Retrospective Exhibition

“To set your easel up in front of the majesty of the untouched virgin wilderness is so humbling that it is hard to believe that you’ve been given the honor of trying to express your reaction to what you are witnessing.” ~ William F. Reese

William F. Reese celebrated the Northwest with majestic landscapes, delicate still lifes, and chronicles of the lives of the men, women and creatures that inhabited the area. Though prolific and proficient in several media, Reese was likely best known as one of America’s premier plein air artists, reveling in the majesty of the Northwest and setting up his easel outdoors in all kinds of weather and in every kind of location. Read more about William Reese 

“As difficult as it is painting outdoors, there is no where else I’d rather work – all the answers stand right before you. You may need to move some things around, but it is still all right there in front of you. A bit like taking an open book test.”

Roby King Gallery is very excited to exhibit many of the remaining works of the William F. Reese estate.  We appreciate the kindness of Fran Reese for allowing us to exhibit her husbands art.