Roby King Gallery



“THREE VISIONS OF THE NORTHWEST ”       JUNE  3 – 26, 2022     Brooke Borcherding   Taralee Guild   Paul Polson

 Brooke Borcherding   With a background in “plein air” landscape painting, Brooke has gained an intuitive affinity for color and dynamic composition.  Her “deconstructed” style has been described as a modern take on pointillism or a painterly version of blown-up computer pixels.  This analytical way of breaking up a scene into blocks of color and putting them back together is both engaging in process as well as creating a lively composition.

Taralee Guild, a new artist at Roby King Gallery, received a Bachelor of  Fine Art from Emily Carr University of Art & Design in 2010.  As a full-time painter living and  working in  Vancouver, BC. , she works on several thematic series at once.  Each has its own ideological context and geographical significance.  From her “Cathedral Forest Series”,  she depicts the tree canopies from British Columbia’s temperate rain forest and the solemnity one feels among these giants  of  nature.  The imagery also might be a metaphor of cathedral interiors that reference the overwhelming sensation one feels in those interior surroundings.  As these organic compositions progress into colorful abstractions, Guild creates organic  “stained glass”  interpretations of the tree canopy.
Paul Polson is an accomplished artist on many levels.  He paints traditional landscape as well as his “layered” geological interpretations of the earth.  
Paul’s painting style often employs a “staccato rhythm” to his brushstroke with thick and thin application of paint for a tactile feel.  Polson was exhibited at 
the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, the Bistro, Winter 2017-2018.  Also an accomplished sculptor of large scale inflatable forms, his designs include a traveling inflatable set/scenery for the stage productions of CATS and Cirque de Soleil.