Roby King Gallery


Tatiana Zaits is a figurative painter who incorporates geometric and curvilinear design elements to transform her figures into exciting gyrating shapes.  She is fascinated by the mosaic psychology of humankind. People are continuous puzzles for her with many faces that she tries to capture. Her characters are often strange and quirky with elongated bodies, dancing to their own rhythm. Their individuality is mesmerizing.

Raised in the rich culture of Moscow in the family of well known graphic designer, Eugene Volkov, her exposure to art began early. Her father worked for the large Moscow publishers: Russian Theater, Ballet, Music. The family went to theatrical performances, symphony and opera sometimes three or four times a week. This exposure to the arts developed her life long passion for music, and various theatrical genres. Zaits paints musicians, singers and dancers, people living on stage. She paints scenes from plays and fairy tales. Her work incorporates elements of geometrical design and abstraction and uses mixed media approaches based on bright red tones.