Roby King Gallery

SUSAN LOWREY–The Vashon Connection  January 3-February 2, 2020

Working in black and white, graphite or ink Lowrey’s work depicts the “subjective emotions and responses that objects, figures or events arouse in the artist.”  She exemplifies and simplifies the raw emotion of each figure.

“Travel and living in Europe, Central and South America, Mexico, Cuba, and Japan have given me wonderful opportunities to view and study a wide variety of interesting art. My drawing style has been developed over several decades. I find the human body is the most effective means for me to communicate, and I hope to have been successful, often using humor to interest the viewer. Creating new images is always thrilling and often surprising, meanings becoming apparent later that were not the conscious intention.  To capture others I must first be captured.”

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art “Journeys” March-June 2016