Roby King Gallery

STEPHEN MacFARLANE     A Trio of Printmakers    February 7-March 1, 2020

Stephen MacFarlane finds that making monotypes is especially suited to him. His foundation is drawing and painting and combining this passion for drawing and color, he found printmaking to be a perfect form of expression. “It’s essentially a painting done on a printing plate, run through a press, transferring the image to the paper, with each piece being distinctive and unique. And there is a surprise element in the process, I can never completely anticipate the result as the paper comes off the plate.”
I love the expressiveness of drawing whether realistically accurate or pushing towards abstraction.” With his comprehensive drawing skills Stephen distills his subject to it’s essential components.  “By working directly and intuitively, I strive to create an emotional response to the subject which opens up more of my creative process.”