Roby King Gallery


July 3-August 2, 2020   Impressions of Kitsap County 

As a full-time artist working mostly ‘en plein air’, I appreciate the incredible beauty that surrounds us. I strive to reflect that beauty on canvas, utilizing light and color to create a scene that captures the eye and draws a person into the atmosphere of the place. At an early age my mentor and teacher Louis Penfield, encouraged sketching and painting from life.  I began developing an awareness of the elegance of everyday objects, people and places.”  

Weiss paints the Northwest with unambiguous brush strokes.  His genre is varied; he is proficient with landscape, still life and figurative subjects. With a comprehensive understanding of color theory and color in nature, his paintings exhibit this mastery.

Robin Weiss has graciously donated the painting “The Quiet Place “(Cougar Creek) from this exhibit “Best Bainbridge Sites” to the Bainbridge Island Land Trust for their 2019 annual fundraising event.