Roby King Gallery


ROBERT SCHLEGEL         1947-2021

The remaining paintings and assemblages of Robert Schlegel’s work is now at the Karin Clarke Gallery in Eugene Oregon.   “Remembering Robert Schlegel”   May 18-June 25,  2022.

We lost a talented artist and dear friend in late June, 2021.  Bob passed away from natural causes at the family beach cabin in OR.  For those of you that know him only through his art, we know you appreciate his sense of color, the juxtaposition of shapes and line in his compositions and the subtle humor in many of his pieces.  For those of you who met him know he was very humble about his talent and that he thoroughly enjoyed making his art. He sketched daily, he observed everything.

With respect to you as his admirers and collectors, we want to let you know what work is still available at all his galleries.  All the links to his galleries are included.  Peruse and if inclined purchase directly from that gallery.  

Schlegel’s acrylic paintings explore the tension between the representational and the abstract. He responds to structures, landscapes and animals in their surroundings with works on panel or canvas and often includes collage materials in these images. Schlegel begins with a sketch in charcoal, graphite, or oil pastel, and then develops the image either in studio or en plein-air.

“In my work I present my interpretation of objects and forms found in the natural world. Of particular interest to me are man made structures juxtaposed into the landscape.  The interaction of shape, contrast and line are what intrigue me.  As I evolve as as artist, I strive to create images that possess tension between the representational and the abstract.”,2021