Roby King Gallery


On a recent trip to my homeland of Finland, I re-connected with my fascination for the centuries old textile art of Ryijy (pronounced ruyu).  These are my painted interpretations of this art form. These images seem to flow out of me onto the canvas and it is at the core of who I am that they are rooted.
A little history of the Ryijy rug From an old Scandinavian word ‘Ry’ meaning course and shaggy and in use from the 16th century, these textiles were highly prized as wall coverings in castles and manor houses. In the late 1700’s the Ryijy (ruyu) rugs were regarded as individual works of art and seen as a significant facet of Finnish design and culture.  Some are completely abstract in design others speak of a connectedness to nature. They have been called a concentrated and liberated language of musical color.
A painter for 35 years, Peter is and a multi disciplined artist and nationally recognized for his conceptual abstract style. Representational art does not elude him, but this conceptual style which is uniquely Peter is where his heart is. The palette may change but what is represented is Peter’s “energy”. These shapes are very skillfully designed, connected and controlled. “I love the process, the element of surprise that almost always brings joy to my heart.”
Peter’s art is included in most major corporate and private collections in the
Pacific Northwest, including Microsoft, Boeing, SAFCO at Tacoma Art Museum, Seattle Arts Commission, Hyatt Hotels, Seattle City Light, Swedish Hospital, and the Washington States Arts Commission.