Roby King Gallery


“The serendipitous mixing and resisting of transparent and opaque colors in this series was especially enjoyable to interact with. Cellular structures within the shapes created both subtleties and excitement. The viewer may observe that passages from one shape into another are imitative of natural geological processes with a multitude of patterns, textures and colors.”

Combining classical training with her unique contemporary style, Parvin’s acrylic paintings of nature are a colorful, textural blend of washes and brushwork that dance across the canvas. Her technique of pouring thin and thick paints, splattering and brushwork combine to create singular interpretations of the planet we all share. Her artistic eye has long studied “the way light hits water vapor in the sky.”

“What I love most about being a painter is that it has taught me to take time to really see nature; to study the shapes, textures and colors in trees, or the ripples and reflections on a body of water; to memorize the soft and sharp edges in clouds, and above all to note the way light changes everything.”