Roby King Gallery


PAMELA WACHTLER      “Dwelling in Cascadia” portrayed in 100 Monotypes    November 5-28, 2021

During this unique time of Covid-19, Pamela embarked on a personal challenge of creating 100 Monotypes.  This sequestered time at home gave me the the luxury of uncommitted time to create what I’ve  thought about for years as well as write some poetry”

Raindrops fall to greet flowers
Birds nest amongst leaves       
Hope springs. 

Early on, I made a conscious choice to portray through my art the beauty and hope that I find in nature.  My goal is to provide a moment of respite from the chaos of our complex world.  The earth’s landscape is full of beauty, I want to share that vision.”

As a highly respected Impressionistic painter of the Pacific Northwest, Wachtler’s detailed and delicate oil paintings reflect the tradition of the “Philadelphia Ten”;  a group of painters educated in the early 1900’s at Moore College of art, PA.  With great respect for the American Impressionism, Wachtler carries on this painting tradition.

Unfortunately we cannot upload all 100 monotypes, please feel free to email us for more images and prices.   The majority of the artwork is framed, however there are approximately 40 that are unframed but mounted on linen mat.  The price range is $150-$500.

Fall 2018 Pamela Wachtler at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art,   “Impressions of Place”
Featured artist Online Bainbridge Currents Art Magazine
In collaboration with her son,  “A Time of Light and Hazy Color”;  poetry by Alex Fermanis, illustrations by Wachtler.