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Discovering the World Painter.  Pam Ingalls finds humanity in people and  beauty in everyday life.” *
For you collectors or soon to be collectors of Pam Ingalls, a wonderful and informative feature article is in the February 2016 issue of Southwest Art Magazine.  Writer Gussie Fauntleroy* reveals the layers of this compassionate and thoughtful artist.  As well as finding the sunlit beauty of ordinary objects or interiors;  Pam has traveled to such diverse places as Kenya, India and Alaska to bring you glimpses of different cultures through her altruistic portrait series.
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 “I love to enter into the atmosphere of what I’m painting. When I meet a person, walk into a room, or even pick up an orange, I have a feeling about them. There’s an essence that belongs to just that moment. I get to be with that feeling as I try translating it into the poetry of paint.”
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