Roby King Gallery


Mike Kowalski and Neal Philpott

May 6-28, 2016

Mike Kowalski and Neal Philpott

LAND & SEA–two Northwest artists paint the
unique land and seascape of the Northwest

Opening Reception:  First Friday  May 6, 6-8pm 
A professional artist/illustrator working in watercolor for over 30 years, Mike Kowalski 
now splits his time working in oil and paints
‘en plein aire’ whenever possible. With
accomplished brushstrokes and a keen
sense of color, he crafts the varied and
complex light qualities of the waters,
reflections and skies of the Northwest.

“Being surrounded by our local natural
beauty pulls at me daily and provides
an endless amount of subject matter.”

AWS 2015 Silver Medal of Honor
NWS Signature Member 

                                                     Mike Kowalski  Into the Summer  20×16  Oil
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Neal Philpott

                                      Neal Philpott   White Wash  14×40   Oil
As a “preservationist” painter working in realism, Neal Philpott has become an artistic witness to our Northwest environment.  He paints places and scenes that may not exist in the future because of environmental changes.  He does not remove the  “ugly”
elements or add  “pretty” colors.  He shows us how a simple patch of sunlight can transform everyday views into something special.

“I try to capture how light enlivened these scenes and makes them transcendent for a brief moment.  I am of the mind that we have precious resources that may disappear.  I’m painting for the Northwest.” says Philpott.

Read more about Neal Philpott at  AAC Dec. 2015 feature; Intersections with the Gorge’


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Bainbridge Homes Real Estate
Kristina Hagman  Woodblock prints,  36 Views of Mount Rainier

Kristina HagmanArtist and Author,The Eternal Party.
Kristina  writes about her father.

“Understanding My Dad, Larry Hagman, the TV Star America Loved to Hate”

Bainbridge Homes is open 
May 6, First Friday Art Walk

Feel free to stop by anytime during the day as well.  Visit–right next door!

 Island Vintners presents

Acrylic and Gouache paintings by

Peter Juvonen

Stop by and taste the new releases of
Pouring the newly released 2013 Giovanni
and a new 2013 Petit Verdot .
Bainbridge Island winemaker Paul Bianchi.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Chanteuse   11×14 Acrylic on panel

Eagle Harbor Winery features Mary Carlton
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Mike Kowalski  Sign up for Mike’s watercolor class at Winslow Art Center. Mike is back from Australia for a brief visit and ready to paint “en Plein Aire” in Winslow!
Watercolor Wild   May 6-7

Kristina HagmanArtist and Author, The Eternal Party
Kristina  writes about her father.
“Understanding My Dad, Larry Hagman, the TV Star America Loved to Hate”



“Journeys”     Rachel Feferman Gallery    March 12 – June 05,
Marita Dingus  “Hanging from the Rafters”  Beacon Gallery
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“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.”
~Auguste Rodin