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Max credits studies with Alexander Archipenko and Egon Wiener in Chicago during the ’50’s with a “Modernist way of looking at life and painting.”  After a prolific career in design and painting, Max returns to his roots to design these exciting new series of paintings.

As a prolific and commercially successful artist for nearly 60 years, Hayslette’s artwork is represented in over 350 private, corporate and public collections.

In April 2011, Governor E.R. Tomblin of his home state of West Virginia presented Hayslette the award of “Distinguished West Virginian”; and West Virginia University will house. The Max Hayslette Archives Collection at its new museum, Morgantown Campus.  It’s his early studies in Chicago in the 1950’s and the profound impressions of “The Bauhaus” that have remained with him. This body of work addresses that influence.

“The combination of a long dance between memory and imagination is the root from  which my images grow.”

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Kingston, Washington artist/designer Max Hayslette creates two new series of work entitled (2016) Mid-century Modern and Near Earth Objects. With this new approach Max continues the Bauhaus tradition of Visual arts,  “arts relationship to society and technology.”