Roby King Gallery

LYNN BROFSKY  —  A Trio of Printmakers  February 7-March 1, 2020 “Moved by the sensuality of the human figure, asymmetry, architecture, landscape, growth and decay,and perceived connections; I attempt to relate my stories, narratives of contrasts. As the years go by, my images and subjects shift, mediums and techniques change and grow; I have found that more than anything, the driving force in my work is the relationship between place and human experience.” I grew up in Colorado, where family road trips from Denver  took us out to areas of farmland, mesas, deserts and forgotten towns populated with skeletal relics of industry. Embedded with ghosts of what they once were, their energy always spoke to me. This is what I come back to, our fragile existence, the way we relate, love, isolate and abandon ourselves and the places we live in. Brofsky’s monotypes reveal many layers of creativity. She incorporates her own photo landscape imagery which is first transferred to the paper that she will print upon. She then introduces the figures with skilled mark making. A third strata is created when she overlays the free flowing imagery over the figures, and the addition of gold leaf adds an elegant dimension.