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Luke J. Tornatzky / FINAL SOLO Exhibition

May 5-27, 2017

Luke J. Tornatzky / FINAL SOLO Exhibition

“A Sea Change”

“This is my last show in the Northwest. This work was painted over the last 20 years and many of them have been in my private collection.  For me to set sail and change latitude, I am letting them go.”  Over 20 oils, pastels.  

“There comes a time in every creative persons life when it is clear that a change is needed–not just a change in clothes or jobs, but a real change;  a sea change you might say.
It starts by being annoyed by the gray sky and the endless rain. Did I mention the winters that take forever to turn into summer?
What is needed is not a change in attitude, but a change in latitude. Trade my big studio easel for a portable plein air rig, and make myself go outside in nature to paint. Sunny skies, warm water, new inspiration. Trade it all for what’s behind door number two!

I have been calling Port Townsend home for  a major part of my life, I’ved lived, worked and shown in the Northwest for 20 years. This show is the last large studio work I will show in the NW. The paintings on display here were done in the last twenty years. Many of them I have saved in my private collection, but when I set sail I don’t want to store them or be tied to 48 degrees north, so I am letting them go.

My pastel set is for sale and contains many hand made pastels, some made by me and some by other artists. I hope they find a good home and inspire many great works of art.
I also made the table and the sawhorses it sits on. All of the frames on all the paintings were also crafted by me.
I am thankful to all the people who have supported my artistic journey all these years.”

First Friday Reception   May 5   6-8 PM
Luke J. Tornatzky   Solitary   33×24   Pastel on panel w/museum glass  
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Roby King Annex

At Bainbridge Homes May 5-27
Great selections from our great Northwest painters
First Friday ReceptionMay 5 6-8 PM

Bainbridge Homes is open for First Friday!  

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Neal Philpott  Sunset Dairy   28×30  Oil




“Revering Nature”: Group Exhibition

Roby King Gallery is proud to have three artists represented in the current group expedition 
Kathe Fraga 
Aaron McKnight
Dion Zwirner, new artist at Roby King Gallery

Patty Rogers/Mixed media collage held over in the Bistro 11 – June 04, 2017
Rachel Feferman Gallery, Art Museum Reception
More Information     OPEN DAILY | 10AM-6PM | ADMISSION FREE    

“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all my heart.” ~Vincent van Gogh