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Larry “Ulaaq” Ahvakana / Solo Exhibition

June 2-28, 2017

Larry  “Ulaaq”  Ahvakana / Solo Exhibition

“All my life, I was surrounded by my culture and my people, the Inupiaq of northernAlaska. The dances and songs of the Inupiaq tradition is the oral history of my people. It is the emotional interpretation of our respect and involvement within the environment of the North Slope of Alaska. My work involves the use of many media and materials. Within my designs, I incorporate the sense of my cultural design, but the interpretation is very personal and the conceptual format, I hope, will give the viewer an idea of the Inupiaq tradition.
 Female Loon Spirit Mask   Red and Yellow Cedar,  Acrylic, Glass Beads  17”w X 20.5”h X 12”d   
Larry is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, RI;
the Institute of American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Cooper Union School of Art in New York, NY.
Permanent collections include: 
Alaska State Museum, Juneau, AK.
Anchorage Historical & Fine Arts Museum, AK.
British Petroleum of America, New York, NY.   

Inst. of American Indian Arts Museum, Santa Fe, NM.  
Portland Art Museum, OR.
Washington State Arts Commission, Olympia, WA.
Burke Museum, Seattle, WA.
Bainbridge Island Art Museum, WA.
              Beaded Bag     Fused Bulls Eye Cut Glass and Powdered Frit Glass Panel  16 ½” X 17 ½” 
First Friday Reception   June 2   6-8 PM
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Roby King Annex

At Bainbridge Homes through June — Luke J. Tornatzky
“A Sea Change”
“This will be my last show in the Northwest before I set sail. This work was painted
over the last twenty years and many of them have been in my private collection,
it’s time to let them all go.” 

An amazing collection of oil and pastel paintings presented in his own handcrafted frames. 

In the Shadow of Belle  24×33  Framed Oil 
First Friday Reception  June 2 6-8 PM
Bainbridge Homes is open for First Friday!  

Visit–right next door!                      



Rod Weagant of Twisp, WA.
joins Roby King Gallery.  
Weagant has spent over 35 years communicating the wonder he feels about our natural world. Living for 10 years in a cabin in remote Haines AK deepened his commitment to document the landscape, painting
“en plein aire” and also larger studio work paintings.
University of Washington, BFA in painting, 1978. Mentored by Jacob Lawrence, “to do the thing you are most passionate about.”                                                                 Pond World 32×48  Oil & Resin


“Revering Nature”: Group Exhibition

Roby King Gallery is proud to have three artists represented in the current group exhibition.
Kathe Fraga 
Aaron McKnight
Dion Zwirnernew artist at Roby King Gallery

Patty Rogers/Mixed media collage held over in the Bistro 11 – June 04, 2017
Rachel Feferman Gallery, Art Museum Reception
More Information     OPEN DAILY | 10AM-6PM | ADMISSION FREE    

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