Roby King Gallery


June 5-28, 2020   New paintings. 

Feature/interview about Kathe Fraga. Check it out!

Inspired by the Chinoiserie style that was highly popular in the grand mansions of 17th-18th century Europe, Fraga’s paintings are bright and colorful contemporary versions. Her decoratively designed canvases are adorned with birds, flowers, vines and leaves.

Working on plaster textured canvases, the artist layers hand painted designs, sometimes sanding rough between the layers of acrylic paint to evoke the time worn surfaces of antique wall coverings. Layering on acrylic varnish seals the painting creating a high gloss finish.  Fraga continues this richly decorative Chinoiserie mode into the 21st century.

View Kathe’s line of Decorative pllows, Silk scarves, Laminated trays and Gift card sets. 

2018–Kathe Fraga’s art was chosen by Fletcher Bay Winery for their 2018 release of Tara Rouge.  Unforgettable You  36×24 Mixed Media w/Japanese Gold ink on panel available at Roby King Gallery.
2017–Kathe Fraga Art & Cle De Peau cosmetics. Holiday 2017 “Nuit de Chine”  designed by Kathe Fraga. The 2017 holiday Cosmetic Collection gift set from Shiseido with Kathe Fraga designed packaging was extremely popular and sold nationally at Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus.