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Barrku! Treasures from a distant land June 2012 Exhibition


June 2012 Exhibition

“Barrku” has two meanings–far away and something of excellence.  A fitting word for this first-ever exhibit of art on bark from this remote art center in the tiny township of Yirrkala in Northeast Arnhem Land in Australia.  Arnhem Land has been occupied by indigenous people for tens of thousands of years and is where archaeologists discovered the oldest known stone ax believed to be 35,500 years old.  “These are the oldest continual artistic traditions on earth.” says Julie Harvey, Harvey Art Projects, Ketchum, ID. For centuries the indigenous Yolngu people of Northwset Arnhem Land have connected with ancestral beings through song, dance and painting. “Some of these artists came out of the bush as late as 1983 totally naked, living fully as hunter-gathers.”  Today making art has become a matter of cultural survival.  “An artist inherits rights to a story when they are initiated. There are several layers of initiation, each with more knowledge and more information.”  Harvey studied at the Adelaide School of Fine Art, specializing in Australian Aboriginal traditions.  The art of the Yirrkala region was amongst the earliest commercial Aboriginal art marketed by missionaries as early as 1935.  It is strongly suggested that art from this region in the mid 1950’s was a catalyst in the non-Aboriginal art world’s realization that Indigenous art is a unique and profund art tradition.We are very proud to have Barrku!  Treasures from a Disant Land exhibit at Roby King Gallery  for the month of June.  If you’re coming to Seattle this June, please visit Bainbridge Island for this very unique exhibit, or plan a trip!
Also visit the Seattle Art Museum Exhibition  Ancestral Modern: Aboriginal Art, from the Kaplan & Levi Collection.
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June 1        First Friday Opening Reception           6-8pm




July 6-28, 2012
Neal Philpott
New Oil Paintings

Favorite View Oil on Canvas 24×54

Neal Philpott has a way of creating a vast landscape on any size canvas. His realism draws you into his world. There is a clarity in his paintings that is soothing, but the compositions are complex, your eye and your mind continue to wander throughout the painting.  He creates a very sensitive reality and you are aware of his respect for nature.


August 3-25, 2012
Pam Ingalls
New Oil Paintings

Soon Come 10×8 Oil

Strong color and sound drawing are primary in her paintings. Her choice of simple subject matter is surprising, sometimes humorous, and always full of emotion. Portraits, still lifes and interior scenes populate her studio.


Roby King Galleries is now exhibiting artwork at Bainbridge Homes Real Estate office right next door. Each month new artwork will be on display.  Bainbridge Homes will be open and participating on First Fridays.  Feel free to stop by anytime during the day as well. Also find art on display at the new furnish bainbridge and Island Vintners. Visit all these great venues!


This month at Bainbridge Homes is Jane WallisShe has been a resident and painter of Northwest landscapes for more than 30 years. She is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, Northwest Watercolor Society, Northwest Pastel Society, a Distinguished Paste-list of the Pastel Society of the West Coast, and an exhibiting member of the Oil Painters of America. She has won numerous awards in competitive exhibitions throughout the United States and has been published in the Pastel Journal.
Waiting for the Tide, Pastel 13×18
View this artwork at Bainbridge Homes–right next door!



Kristina Hagman,  “36 Views of Mt Rainier” on exhibit at the Pacific Asia Museum.
Roby King continues to carry some of Kristina’s wood block prints.  Orders can be taken.

“Art is the signature of civilizations.”