Roby King Gallery


In this exhibit entitled In Nature’s Realm, printmaker Gary Groves’ woodcarved prints are based on flexible and fluid forms in nature such as grapevines, grasses and tangled shapes of organic debris.

In my craft of woodcut, I carve very fine detailed parts to create tonal variations in my images. I try to emphasize the abstract aspects and seek out the uniqueness of each subject I am attracted to – not asking too many questions I just follow my gut. I try to find a quality often not readily identifiable and see if I can enhance it. Many of my blocks can take as much as a week or more to carve, depending on the degree of detail.”

“I have had a variety of interest and experiences in my life and have pursued several different media;  sculpture, ceramics, photography, painting and now prints. After reflecting on this I realized that I am actually incorporating a lot of the accumulated skills and knowledge learned in earlier work and it now goes into my carving.”

Groves was a contributing artist to the Twelve Years in the Woods exhibition at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Winter 2013/2014.