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“It is as if the artist has created his own mythology.  It is a very romantic, evocative painting, technically well balanced and very strong, formally”. 

Lucinda Barnes, curator of the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, spoke of oil painter Douglas Girard.

Man must be seen as an integral part of the earth, living in harmony with its laws. The landscape and man both have a spiritual meaning beyond their materialistic forms. I believe in a spiritual outlook that sees the earth as sacred and rejoicing in its beauty as a religious act. The permanence of the endless cycles of nature is to be acknowledged and respected.The female subject of many of my paintings represents the pilgrim on a spiritual quest. Together with the mist and the shadows of the trees and the mountains the sacred will be found and nourished.”

Girard was a Finalist in the 11th International 2014-2015 ARC Salon,  Imaginative Realism Category.