Roby King Gallery


“I am an artist working to tell stories from my heart, stories that I dream and that dream me. I am painting, drawing, and creating images that have a life of their own.

I am aware of the state of the world. It troubles and saddens me. Sometimes when I am worried I will create the most lighthearted images. These are the images that come and I do my best to let them tell their story. Some of the stories are in the title and that is enough. Some of the pieces have more to say. I think sometimes the images are trying to cheer me up. Life can be hard, but life is also full of beauty and stories that are silly and absurd and just as important and maybe more.”

Oregon artist Denise Kester has been teaching workshops and classes for 20 years in the creative arts including monoprinting, collage, mixed media, and book arts.

Kester’s new book is just released “Drawing On the Dream”.