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Brian Fisher  and  Denise Kester

November 3-25, 2017
Brian Fisher  and  Denise Kester

From two Northwest printmaking artists come distinctive imagery that is
derived from personal studies of mythology, legends and dreams.  

Brian Fisher  
“My subjects are the myths and stories that encompass how our world came to be, who we are, what happens when we die and because we live now, in this moment in time, what is our purpose?  This year I’ve explored stories of  the vegetative deities like Europe’s  “Green Man”, Japan’s “Kodama” and the Greek myths about Goddesses Demeter and Persephone.  A wealth of parallel myth exists to explore and explain our natural world in supernatural ways across time and cultures.”
A vegetation deity can be a god or goddess and whose story of disappearance and reappearance, or life, death and rebirth embodies the growth cycle of plants.
                                                  “I love these ancient stories.”
Albus, Celtic Green Man  Collograph print.  11 3/4 x 7 3/4.
Denise Kester   ” I am an artist working to tell stories from my heart, stories that I dream and that dream me. I am painting, drawing, and creating images that have a life of their own.  I am aware of the state of the world. It troubles and saddens me. Sometimes when I am worried I will create the most lighthearted images. These are the images that come and I do my best to let them tell their story. Some of the stories are in the title and that is enough. Some of the pieces have more to say. I think sometimes the images are trying to cheer me up. Life can be hard but life is also full of beauty and stories that are silly and absurd and just as important and maybe more.”     A Moment of Harmonious Balance   Monotype  20 X 26

First Friday Reception  November 3,   6-8 PM
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Roby King Annex

At Bainbridge Homes  All Gallery Artists 
including the new works of Lynn Brofsky, Helene Wilder and Tatiana Zaits 

           Tatiana Zaits                                       Helene Wilder                               Lynn Brofsky   

Open First Friday November 3  6-8 pm



Holiday 2017 “Nuit de Chine” 
designed by Kathe Fraga

The holiday Cosmetic Collection gift set from
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Original Kathe Fraga artwork available at
Roby King Gallery!

Roby King Gallery (sans picture framing)  is making some changes.
We’re adding more pullout panels and exhibit area, with the majority of
art to be accessible to you the customer.
And with these changes we are adding some new artists!  

We have paintings by of Douglas Girard and Rod Weagant,
with Jeff Weekley paintings coming soon.
And other new artists will be contributing to shows in 2018.

David Eisenhour
Kris Ekstrand Molesworth
Betsy Powers

Douglas Girard
Rod Weagant
Jeff Weekley

 Stop by and see the changes!


October 14, 2017 through February 4, 2018
Robert McCauley: American Fiction (Beacon & Feferman Galleries)
Nadine Kariya: The Hammer and the Peony (Community Gallery)
Frank Renlie: Smile (MESA & Orientation Galleries)
Paul Polson: Out Here (Bistro) & Strata (Staircase/Landing) rep. by Roby King Gallery
Artist’s Books: Chapter 12 – Taking Issue (Sherry Grover Gallery)

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“As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the poetry of sight.”
James McNeil Whistler