Roby King Gallery


“Birdland”  Invitational Avian exhibit featuring artists:  Cheri Christensen, Oil;  Jhenna Quinn Lewis, Oil;  Barbara French Duzan, Bronze Sculpture;  Douglas Francois Girard, Acrylic;  Mary N. Balcomb, Etchings.

Cheri Christensen,  “People have been connected to animals throughout history, but today farmland is disappearing. I paint animals the way I would any other subject matter. I give them dignity. My paintings are an expression of my feelings towards animals, their close connection to their environment and the drama of light as it plays across their forms.”

Jhenna Quinn Lewis “ I am drawn to simplicity of color, style, and composition. My inspiration comes from Japanese masters such as Hiroshige…By removing all that is unnecessary in my compositions and exercising restraint and simplicity, I invite the viewer to slow down. Be patient and look. Pay attention to all the necessary details. I believe this is why my works impart a meditative feeling.”

Barbara French Duzan “My goal is to captivate the viewer with the gestures and expressions that make each subject seem to be unique while at the same time representing their species as a whole.”

Douglas F. Girard  “I believe in a spiritual outlook that sees the earth as sacred and rejoicing in its beauty as a religious act. The permanence of the endless cycles of nature is to be acknowledged and respected.”

Mary N. Balcomb etcher, author, designer, 1928-2013.  These etchings are from her book Robin-Robin, A Journal, a book about the unique experience of raising a baby Robin.  Because of her love of drawing and her drawing abilities, the intaglio, particularly line etching, carried a particular fascination for her. The graceful lines that fill each composition attest to her skill.