Roby King Gallery


Lynn Brofsky, Helene Wilder, Tatiana Zaits

October 6-28, 2017 Lynn Brofsky, Helene Wilder, Tatiana Zaits “Women Painting Women” “Moved by the sensuality of the human figure, asymmetry, architecture, landscape, growth and decay, and perceived connections; I attempt to relate my stories.  I have found that more than anything, the driving force in my work is the relationship between place and human …

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Kathe Fraga/ Solo Exhibition

July 7-29, 2017 Kathe Fraga/ Solo Exhibition Love Letters   36×48    Mixed Media on panel Kathe Fraga’s are bright, colorful contemporary interpretations of the Chinoiserie decorative period of the 17th-18th centuries in Europe. Her textured panels are adorned with birds, flowers, leaves, and vines. The artist layers handpainted designs, sanding rough between the layers of acrylic paint …

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Larry “Ulaaq” Ahvakana / Solo Exhibition

June 2-28, 2017 Larry  “Ulaaq”  Ahvakana / Solo Exhibition “All my life, I was surrounded by my culture and my people, the Inupiaq of northernAlaska. The dances and songs of the Inupiaq tradition is the oral history of my people. It is the emotional interpretation of our respect and involvement within the environment of the North Slope of Alaska. …

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July 1-30, 2016 MAX HAYSLETTE/SOLO EXHIBITION “Mid-Century Modern” Designer and fine artist Max Hayslette creates a new series of work entitled “Mid-Century Modern”.  Working in an entirely new method with acrylic and mixed media, Max introduces this unique series that is colorful, textural and well priced. “I start with a ‘quilt’, a paper collage of cut-out shapes and textures applied …


Blossoming Art

June 3-25, 2016 “Blossoming Art” contributing artists: Diane Ainsworth, Mary N. Balcomb, Raenell Doyle, Kathe Fraga, Marie Powell, Patty Rogers, Pamela Wachtler A floral abundance of beauty and color created by seven artists.  Working in oil, mixed media and also printmaking techniques, Opening Reception:  First Friday  June 3, 6-8pm            Roby King Annexes  Bainbridge Homes Real Estate Bainbridge …

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