Roby King Gallery



 April 7-29, 2017

All Gallery Artists

That’s right the gallery absorbs the sales tax each April.
And if out of state–freight is free!
It’s the best time to buy something by your favorite artist
or fine that special piece of art for that special person.

Diane Ainsworth, Darrell Anderson, 
Mary N. Balcomb, Lynn Brofsky,
Cheri Christensen, Raenell Doyle,
Kathe Fraga, Brian Fisher,
ilene Gienger-Stanfield,
Adam Grosowsky, Gary Groves,
Kristina Hagman, Max Hayslette,
Pam Ingalls, Peter Juvonen,
Mike Kowalski, Susan LeVan,
Fumi Matsumoto, Mark Norrander,
Parvin, Neal Philpott, Paul Polson,
Patty Rogers,  Robert Schlegel,
Thomas Schworer, Luke J. Tornatzky, Pamela Wachtler, Jane Wallis,
Randena Walsh, Helene Wilder,
Chris Witkowski, Tatiana Zaits,
Dion Zwirner   
First Friday Reception   
                                               April 7  6-8 PM
    Click on image for enlargements.          Paul Polson   A Northwest Vision  36×24   Oil

Roby King Annex

Continuing at Bainbridge Homes through April
Pamela Wachtler, Jane Wallis, Chris Witkowski
        Three Northwest painters
Pamela Wachtler’s understandings of the silvery gray skies
and waters of the Northwest are that which gives her paintings
a warm and enveloping feeling.
“The poetry of earth is ceasing never”  John Keats     
Lake Crescent  
14×8  Oil
Jane Wallis  “Painting plein-air is an important phase in my painting. I like to imagine that I am confronting this visual world like it was a symphony arranged by the light.”          
                                       Wet Day at the Pioneer Building  16×12  Oil
Chris Witkowski 
“Color, draftsmanship, composition and the play of
light are what anchor the
craft of my painting”.  

The Greenhouse Door  36×24  Oil

First Friday Reception   April 7 6-8 PM
Bainbridge Homes is open for First Friday!  

Visit–right next door!                      
Feel free to stop by during the day.   



Lynn Brofsky
Included in Chico State’s
Turner Print Museum

“A standout in the Turner portion of the exhibit is Lynn Brofsky’s “Heart of Town” monotype, a gripping look at a woman’s experience using swashes of almost transparent pigment that move the viewer’s eyes from the vacuous but thickly painted white top of the print down to the blue silhouette of a town that snakes through the heart of the central brown female figure. Her wrenching expression offers insight into her pain.”
Heart of Town   monotype   32×22


Native Hands:  Indigenous Art of the Salish Sea
Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA) is honored to host their first exhibition devoted
solely to Native American artists. Typically BIMA focuses on the art and craft of the Puget Sound region, but in consultation with our guest curators we decided to expand the
geographic range to encompass the Salish Sea.
More Information     OPEN DAILY | 10AM-6PM | ADMISSION FREE    

“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.” ~Auguste Rodin