Roby King Gallery

Aaron McKnight


In this exhibit entitled In Nature’s Realm, sculptor Aaron McKnight creates a unique art form entirely from nature. Making poetic connections between natural materials and inner human experience – a decayed leaf with change, layered sheets of bark with growth – his work focuses on the art object as a way of bringing the seen and unseen into interpretive conversation.

“My sculptures are meditations on presence and change. Working directly with leaves, ash and bark from fallen leaves,I construct forms inspired by the flux of nature’s processes. Identification with the natural world through the faculty of attention is a focus of my studio practice. I’m drawn to work in methodical, repetitive processes analogous to growth in nature, layering paper-thin materials until they achieve sculptural form.”

McKnight was a contributing artist in Thought Patterns exhibition at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art, Winter 2015/2016.

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