About Roby King

Wes King and Andrea Roby-King, residents of Bainbridge Island for almost 40 years, officially opened the Roby King Gallery in 1990. With educations in Fine Arts, they spent their years prior to owning the gallery as potters and created a small but nationally recognized line of pottery. The King’s stress that their passion for art fills their lives both personally and professionally, and since their early days as painters and potters, they have sought to promote and give venue to work that inspires them. Roby King Gallery exhibits Representational art, from Classical Realism to Russian Impressionism to Contemporary. They represent more than about 30 artists, primarily oil painters, although the roster also includes watercolor and pastel painters, as well as textile and mixed media artists.

Art Gallery Hours:Tuesday thru Saturday 10:00 – 5:30

Show openings the First Friday of every month.

Come enjoy the wine and join the conversation.